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WNM studio was founded in New York.


Focus on design and renovation of small buildings, interiors, furniture, art, graphic design, etc. We strive to break the shackles of past experience and epidemic aesthetics in the design, in order to complete the project’s own challenges and goals, and integrate into our daily observations and research on culture, art, technology, lifestyle and trends.

WNM values the space itself and attracted by every item and detail in the space and the relationship between them. From the outside to the inside, from big to small, “everything is architecture.”

We also value the integrity of each project, and we try to invest in the creation of each part. It’s not just defining WNM as an interior design studio, but a diversified design agency with a spatial design as the core, through different dimensions and techniques to present our aesthetics and design philosophy.





WNM Studio创立于纽约。



工作范围涉及小型建筑的设计与改造、室内、家具、绘画、平面视觉及周边领域。 在设计中,我们力求每次都能打破以往经验与时期流行审美的束缚,完成项目自身挑战与目标的同时,也融入我们日常对文化、艺术、技术、生活方式与趋势的观察与研究。

WNM既重视空间本身,也被空间内的每处物品和细节以及 它们之间的关系所吸引。从外到内,从大到小,我们看重项目的完整性,尽量投入到每一个环节的创作中。我们 并不是单纯地将WNM定义为室内/产品设计工作室,而是 一间以空间设计为核心的跨领域多元化的设计机构,通过不同的维度 和手法来呈现我们的美学与设计理念。

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